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YThursday, September 08, 2016

All I ever wanted is a simple and happy life.
Seems impossible.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, July 19, 2016

Maybe it's me.
I am THAT cursed child.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

Maybe it's me.
I am THAT cursed child.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, July 05, 2016

bedtime stories :)

Can't stop smiling to myself.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YSunday, May 22, 2016

Awesomely good weekend.
Very thankful :)x

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, May 10, 2016

It's a PMS post

After a long and difficult day at work, I guess the only thing I look forward is to be home, probably as soon as possible. And probably. To seek some comfort. Seems like the star didn't align accordingly to my expectation. Or maybe I'm having some serious PMS and starting to be delusional. Period.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YSunday, April 24, 2016


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, April 21, 2016

I am conscious even when it comes to choice of clothes for today. Worrying that it might become dressing up for today when I merely want to wear new clothes.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

I'm. Perhaps. Afterall. A very fuck up person.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YWednesday, April 13, 2016

All will be good :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, March 24, 2016

Feeling helpless.
Very helpess

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YWednesday, March 23, 2016

Feeling like the biggest fool of all.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful. Good night :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, March 08, 2016

Perhaps it's time for this place to be kept private. Soon I guess.
(Didn't wanted to air too much of my random thoughts somehow)

Currently sitting in a car full of people and luggage with my family.
On the way to some mountain area in Taiwan. Was at Taichung and is heading to Yilan now to meet my sister. Feeling sleepy after hotel breakfast. It's time for a nap. xoxo

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, March 07, 2016

Hello Taiwan :)


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YFriday, February 19, 2016

And yes! The happiness from spending $10 is the same, or even better then spending $200 in the arcade. LoL...

I will remind myself.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

A different kind of week
A special kind of friday :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, February 16, 2016

I can't sleep and my chest hurts

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, February 15, 2016

Good morning to a new start! :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YSunday, February 14, 2016


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

Happy Mysore Valentines :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, February 11, 2016

Today. Waking up feeling liberated, and unemployed. LOL

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YFriday, January 29, 2016

You made me the person I'm today, your welcome.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, January 11, 2016

I choose to #believe :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YWednesday, January 06, 2016

I think a lot about us.
The endless possibilities of us.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, January 05, 2016

Too moody for my own good

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, January 04, 2016

First day of work 2016.
7.30am at shine auditorium to attend starting of year.
In the end, started only at 8.30am. (w no breakfast/refreshment provided)
Whole SOY only ends ard 11plus.

Went for lunch w my team and head back to office for more meeting.
Blah blah blah..

Went to true yoga at ocean pacific plaza for a hot flow yoga class w maple.
And managed to see kino after my class and snapped a photo her. Yay!

I'm like a school kid. Preparing my stuff the day before and making sure i tuck in early for bed.
Looking forward to an awesome 2016.

Anyway, happy new year peeps! :)
Wishing all good health and better wealth.


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, November 10, 2015

Bye SG :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, November 05, 2015

Mango me :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, October 26, 2015

Good luck~~!! >.<~

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YWednesday, October 14, 2015

My steady pom pipi level increase by another 10level.

My colleagues from office jio me to go fitness first body combat classes.
And..... In order to join them, I went to buy a new sports shoe on the spot.
And then...... Considering that it's my first time, I think I got 7/10.

After that I still managed to accompany another seperate colleague to go for 2yoga classes.
Cause she text me yesterday midnight that she wanna go.
And tadang!!!! #steadypompipi

My impromptu level... Is too damn high. LOL

Kind of work out too much today, am afraid I can't feel my hands and legs Tml.
8am market update sucks. I got to wake up 5ish am Tml.

But..... There's more to look forward to.
Fighting~~~!~!~!~!~!!! :D

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

Watched boruto movie today. Awesome anime movie :D
Impromptu movie outing with office colleagues.
So glad there are a bunch of naruto fans. Haha!

If things are bad, it can only get better.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, October 12, 2015

Excited. Excitedly counting down :D

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

Happier. Thank you :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, October 06, 2015

Successfully manage to go home without taking cab.
Praying for tomorrow. Hopefully no cabs.
$30 for calling cab from Punggol to town in morning peak hours.
Not worth. Tsk tsk....
(If $30x5daysx4weeks = OMG $600 at least)

Brand new start. Brand new chapter. Brand new area.
Brand new boss, brand new team, brand new table!


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

Punggol EAST loop? WEST loop?
Before 3pm or after 3pm??!!
Platform 1 or platform 2?

Omg..... I hate lrt................

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, October 05, 2015

Punggol to work is so far....... :(

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

It's funny how it's possible for people that were once so close, to drift apart so easily.

But life goes on.

And so someone once told me this: "no one is indispensable, if it's not you.. It will be someone else"

Okay, being random.
That's all.


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

Oops. Pop 3/4 pain killer to ease the pain even though it's not encouraged.
Constantly checking the mirror to make sure there's no allergy reaction.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, September 24, 2015

Trying my best... To think of only the big picture.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, September 21, 2015

Today I did poorly in class :(
My thoughts, my mind, my body..
Everything doesn't seems to gel together.
First time I feel so lousy in class.
They are right, it's always good to keep your phones in locker.
Got so distracted throughout..
seeing my phone light up countless of time.

Nevertheless, it's another day.
And I have more things to look forward to!

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, September 15, 2015

Had a good sleep yesterday :)
Hazey week.
Got food many random food cravings today too.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, September 14, 2015


Found pictures, letters, gift cards and all while packing up my room.
its really hard to decide which to keep and which to throw.
And I realize that I keep all sort of small notes and memo.
Took some pictures of some stuff and decided to throw most of it away.
It's afterall, only memories.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YFriday, September 11, 2015

Slept.. And woke up again.
Honestly doesn't know what's wrong with me now.

and then..
I receive a text from someone least expected.
And I know it's a extremely bad timing to reply.
Even thou I almost wanted to.

Am having very bad headaches now.
I wonder if it's the drinks earlier on.
Or just my mood.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

As much as I try to contain my feelings and thoughts.
Sometimes it is really beyond my capacity.

Heard of an unfortunate incident of my colleagues.
Should I already be thankful that I'm not in the same plight?
Or what? There are just too many f up people around.

Been having too much nightmares, and I'm extremely happy yesterday as I did not have any.
This is.... Weird.
The amount of times I woke up from my sleep.... Is disturbing.

I wish things are simpler. Easy and straightforward.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YTuesday, September 08, 2015


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YSaturday, September 05, 2015

Nursing a hangover after drinks at deck and club nine..
Didn't really party nor drink recent months.
Randomly dropped in some event from Zalora, invitation from hanwei and Jon.
And the nights begins... Lol

Happy that I managed to go more yoga class this week.
Ramesh class, horrible.
Sabu class, fierce kind but I like.
Adeline class, my fav. Clear instructions and teachings. Alignments!

Will be heading to yoga inc Tml for a ashtanga class.
Omg.. Dunno how will it turn up to be.
Could be disastrous. Lol~~~
Wish me luck :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YSunday, August 30, 2015

I seriously dunno what I should or should not do :(

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YFriday, August 21, 2015

been feeling really down and upset somehow, especially yesterday.

Currently in ktv room, corporate duty.
Something I will usually enjoy. But just not today.
Guessed I have been a quieter person overtime.
Perhaps getting abit anti social.

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, August 20, 2015

Feeling drained.
Waking up everyday feeling lethargic and sloppy.
Missed yoga for more than a week.
Left ankle is hurting slightly fron the aftermath of jumping down from a double decker bed.
Awkward wrist has healed.
The bump on my head is still there, also from the double decker bed.
Lack of time. Everyday. Every week.
Looking forward to weekend, but so short lived :(
Looking forward to jas graduation, something really worth celebrating as hard work pays off.
August is a short month, can't wait for it to end.
Awaiting for September.

Btw. Am seriously contemplating to change my role in work.
Yet am unsure how will it end up to be. Sighs.

I need an awesome pinic this end month. Badly.
Till then.

Listen to my rants. RAWR

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, August 10, 2015

Being fed hot food when having a flu is the simplest form of happiness :)

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YThursday, August 06, 2015

Random thoughts of the day.
After reading all kind of random stuff online, again.

Read about an article that talk about the importance of loving your family, and your friends.
People who will love you unconditionally, in good times and bad times.
People that don't give up on you, motivates and encourages you.
Love can be displayed in many forms.
It can be something simple like how's your day? How's work?
It can be something irritating, like how my younger brother irritates me every now and then.

Even so....
I'm thankful, very thankful. Every single day :)
I'm thankful for my family; my close friends.
For always being there for me, always.
Thank you :) :) :)

Unfortunately, most people nowadays have transactional attitude towards friendship :(
It's sad. And it's a common scene in the corporate world. Owells.
Kindness begets kindness.

TGIT!!! Long weekend! YAY!!

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YSunday, August 02, 2015

Currently doing foot massage at Green Leaf.
200baht for 1hour. Clean and simple deco, friendly Thais.

It's a short 3days 2night BKK trip with my beloved wormie.
A simple short weekend getaway.
Away from all the crazy and insane people from work.
I'm always very impressed by my ability to filter and ignore crazy things that is happening around me. But it's sad that I actually have to resort to filtering people away from my life in order to be sane. I'm not sad for myself, but for the situation, and the people.
Owells. MYOB.

Happily enjoying my trip even though there's some small situation.

Day 1 flight was late. Reached about evening timing.
Checked in at amari and got our room upgraded to executive suite.
Woohoo! Level 32 yo! With huge ass big bath tub. FAV!!
Went to Big C supermarket n brought 2000bhats worth of food.
Tom yum paste that cost 159bhat. Scammed Me!!! :(
(Realised on 2nd day Siam Pragon sells only 72bhat)
*so angry* RaWr !!!!
Day1 ended early.
As its drizzling and raining after our body massage.
We went to dabao Mac and head back hotel.

Day 2. Wanton Mee. Chatuchak. Siam square mango tango. Siam Pragon supermarket. Central world jones orphanages.
Nothing fanciful. raining again. Night market plan no more ;(
Wormie not feeling well. So we ended the night early too.
Managed to eat decent dinner still. Somehow somewhat. Yay! :)
End my day soaking in the tub.

Day 3. Wanton Mee. Pratunam market. Platinum mall.
And tadang... Massaging now.
Been wanting to write something.
But not much chances to do so.

Didn't shop much for this trip. No last min crazy shopping as well.
Brought clothes for kai kai. Tom yam paste for mummy n sis.
Hopefully can grab a shirt for my dad before I head back hotel.

Bkk brings back many memories. But I'm adding on new ones.
It's a good trip. Till I'm back :)


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

YMonday, July 27, 2015

Went for a 6pm hot yoga class by sudhir.
But.... Not hot de :(
Long time nv attend normal hot yoga class.
Didn't really feel much kick. :X
Guess I still very much prefers a flow class :D

{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


{ *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

  • 蔡依林 - 柠檬草的味道

  • 他们猜我们后来有没有再见 离席了才会晓得怀念

  • 突然我记起你的脸 那触动依然像昨天 对自己 我终于也诚实了一点
  • 是不是回忆就是淡淡柠檬草 心酸里又有芳香的味道 

  • 曾以为你是全世界 但那天已经好遥远 绕一圈 我才发现我有更远地平线 
  • 我们都没错 只是不适合 我要的 我现在才懂得

  • 快乐是我的 不是你给的 寂寞要自己负责
  • 毕竟用尽了力气也未必如愿 总是要过去以后才了解

  • 突然我记起你的脸 爱不爱不过一念之间 绕一圈 今天的我能和昨天面对面
  • 我们都没错 只是不适合 亲爱的 我当时不懂得

  • 选择是我的 不是你给的 明天自己负责
  • 给昨天的我一个拥泡 曾经她不知如何是好

  • 若我们再见我会微笑 谢谢你 谢谢你 我尝过 爱的好
  • 我们都没错 只是不适合 我要的 我现在才懂得

  • 快乐是我的 不是你给的 寂寞要自己负责
  • 我要的 我现在才懂得

  • 选择是我的 不是你给的 

  • 幸福要自己负责 错过的 请你把握

  • { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, July 24, 2015

    I broke my nails. And it hurts like a bitch in the most irritating way.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, July 22, 2015

    When everything still feel so yesterday.
    I can almost feel my own presence.
    Somewhere, somewhat, somehow.

    The beauty of life is to smile when you're happy and cry when you're sad.
    So I guess it's okay to be a little sad sometimes.
    At least I'm thankful that I have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

    I'm just surprised that the outflow of my emotion was so beyond expectation.
    And I...... Can't exactly describe nor comprehend.
    I feel my heartache.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Last Saturday went for hatha3 class, one of the most advanced class in pure yoga.
    Challenging. But achievement unlock :)
    Did assisted drop back and all.

    Random #laterblog update

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, July 17, 2015

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! :)

    Yay cause it's a public holiday!
    Woohoo cause it's long weekends!

    Attended ashtanga led advance class for the very first time.
    10.30am - 12pm
    Stanley's class.
    I'm actually not that advance, thus I find this class quite challenging.
    Apparently I'm psycho'ed by someone to join this class.
    Telling me it's not exactly hard.
    Gosh.. I believe. RaWr!!!
    Lol~ am afterall only a 5mth old baby yogi.
    More to learn.

    Been eating whole day long.
    Bui bui~~

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, July 15, 2015

    My boss at work implemented a late fee of $20 for being late.
    But the thing is.. I have been pretty on time; most times.
    Or in fact, every other time. Probably since June.

    Got two appointment to run today.
    Stayed at work till 8.30pm on Monday, and 9.30pm on Tuesday.

    Currently in the train otw to work.
    Estimate to reach about 8.35am.
    Shit. Too early. Haha.....

    "Just when the caterpillar thought the world is over, it became a butterfly"

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, July 07, 2015


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, July 05, 2015

    Been busy packing 26years worth of stuff.
    Having backaches now ;(

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, July 02, 2015

    EmGracing it with all i have and all i could

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, June 29, 2015

    Numbing myself with work.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Tick Tock tick tock.
    11.30am feels extremely sad somehow :(

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, June 28, 2015

    Unfortunately, one of the worse thing to do.
    Is to walk away.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, June 24, 2015

    Feeling fuzzy

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, June 23, 2015

    It takes a lot of effort just by waking up and going to work on time.
    Regardless of how much rest I have the previous night.
    June is coming to an end, I will and I can.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSaturday, June 20, 2015

    Happy ba zhang day!
    And Happy Father's Day in advance!

    Currently having dinner with my family.
    Too full. Food coma 200%.
    While everyone is busy eating, I just feel like typing things here.

    I'm really v fortunate, to have a loving family.
    Everytime when the food is served, my dad will take for my mum first, then for me, then for himself.
    My mum and sis constantly nagging at my dad making sure he doesn't eat too much seafood, especially crabs.
    My nephew happily slurping and eating his chicken wing.
    Everyone is really enjoying the dinner, including myself.

    Now everyone is busy talking, shall stop here.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, June 17, 2015

    Suffocating train ride

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, June 16, 2015

    I see more clarity now.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, June 15, 2015

    I've got war in my mind.

    Battling the demons all alone.
    It's not exactly a battle when you're only losing, right?

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, June 12, 2015

    Too addictive. I can't stop

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, June 11, 2015

    Today is Crewroom 1yr anniversary.
    (My day to kind of invite my friends)
    Time passes so fast.
    This means that I have finish school 1yr ago.
    (Last paper in late May, graduation ceremony in August)

    I have taken a long good break.
    Doing nothing but enjoying life.
    Being "happy" and thinking "nothing"
    It's hardening my liver more than ever. lol
    All the late nights and drinking.
    My complexion as compared to 1yr ago is..
    So different. Sadness.

    Trying to be really good in June.
    Hope it lasts.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, June 10, 2015

    Currently in my fav kind of bus ride
    Feeling high from coffee earlier on
    Fuzzy and tired but feels peaceful somehow
    keeping myself busy in a good way
    No more energy to think of other things

    "Que sera, sera"
    "Whatever will be, will be"
    "The futures is not ours to see"
    "Que sera, sera"
    "What will be, will be"


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, June 09, 2015

    Been staring at this blank page. I type. I backspace. I type and I backspace. repeat this too many x :/

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, June 07, 2015

    Nothing beats family time xoxo

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSaturday, June 06, 2015


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, June 04, 2015

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages.

    Hello Shakespeare ! I think I miss u :)
    I'm uncertain of my role, now.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, June 02, 2015

    Crash of the planets; beautiful Big Bang.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Appreciating every single thing. Be grateful. The best is yet to come :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    It's sad when you can't express what you really feel like expressing 
    It's sad when you have to do things that it's right and might not really be what you want

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    First day of work in june.
    Wanted to be work early but the cab failed me :(
    Took a train instead, will probably reach on the dot.

    And.. I'm hungry. Again, and everyday. Hahahaa...

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSaturday, May 30, 2015

    She believe she could, so she did

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, May 28, 2015

    I have been honest to everyone, but myself.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Sometime following your heart means losing your mind

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    The darkest hour is just before the dawn

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    If only I can just disappear

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, May 26, 2015

    And so...
    Today I wake up "naturally" without any alarm.
    Feels amazing as I don't usually wake up "naturally"

    For a moment I thought it was weekend, as I can't do without my alarm.
    I stare blank for a while before checking my phone.
    Slept at 1am yesterday... But it feels like a good sleep.
    No dreams. No nothing. Just sleeping like a log and waking up exactly at 7.30am.

    Then I realize, I have been dreaming a lot lately.

    There are things I can't understand.

    "You cannot stop the wave, but you can learn how to surf"

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, May 24, 2015

    it feels like déjà vu

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, May 22, 2015


    But GK pet peeve 101....

    I don't like to share cosmetics, especially powder.
    Under circumstances that I share, I either wipe or throw the cosmetic away.

    I'm very conscious about sharing food when people is sick.
    I try my best not to share if I'm unwell. But I hope people do the same thou.
    If I ever slip my mind, I actually felt bad about it thereafter.

    I will prefer to settle bills asap, so that the waiter/waitress don't have to stand there to wait.
    As they have better things to do den to stand there and wait for like 10min until everyone take out their share of money.

    When it comes to drinking, I believe in drinking etiquette.
    It's probably known that if you drink, you pay.
    Unless otherwise stated. Like extended friends. Or someone's treat.
    If not... Don't even come out to play.

    I hate to beg. Or any other feeling that is similar.
    I hate to beg for money that I lend to people out of goodwill.
    I don't even like to lend money at all. so.... Don't even ask.
    I'm not stingy. It's just bad experience.

    I don't like to be threaten. Whatever form it is.
    Anything similar probably awake the monster in GK.

    I secretly hate ppl to talk/comment about me.
    Not like there's anything I can do about it.

    Currently can't think of anything else.
    Just being very random.

    Of course there are also times where my wires disconnect. Just like that....
    For it probably make me feel anything similar. (In that slight moment)
    Not that I'm angry or unhappy. Just not happy.

    Just somehow have to rant.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, May 21, 2015

    Random. But I feel like eating Korean food.
    I actually like their sides more than main. Hahaha..

    Did a cherie hot yoga class today.
    7.30pm to 8.30pm
    And I'm totally not on form
    Felt like a clumsy elephant

    The only proud moment is....
    Slightest moment. Not even sure if I got it right.
    It's actually crow pose to plank n chaturanga.
    Quite surprised. Hahahaha..
    But truth is I nearly face palm.
    Bet the teacher didn't see that.
    But first time trying that.. So.... U know...

    Wanted and feel like typing more thoughts.
    But I suddenly got attacked by sleep monster.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, May 18, 2015

    It's probably a pretty amazing feeling

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, May 15, 2015

    Saw this....


    TAURUS – The Tramp (April 20 to May 20)
    Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight. Fight for what they want. Can be annoying at times, but for the love of attention. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. They can be self-centered and if they want something they will do anything to get it. They love to sleep and can be lazy. One of a kind. Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive people on earth! 

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, May 14, 2015

    At the end of the day, remember all the positive things that happened.
    Smile, and sweet dreams :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    It has been a long time, since I took a double decker bus journey back home.
    Finished my appointment at Amk, grabbed some small bites and drinks.
    Slowly stroll to the bus stop. (thinking of what bus to take)
    Hahahaaa....... That shows how long I haven been bus"ing" back home from Amk.
    Enjoying my bus ride, accompanied by "power98". lol~
    Somehow I hope I don't sit till the interchange again.
    Have some serious issue of not noticing where the bus is. 70% of the time.
    Bad habit :(

    Hmmm.. Been going yoga more often then I thought I would.
    Mayb I'm reminded of how I'm in the past.
    I want and I will.
    How to find back that #志在必得 feeling?
    I'm very sure it's hidding somewhere.

    Or Issit becuz I'm leading a life too comfortable right now? Haha...
    I no longer sense that strong aggression in me.
    Or I'm just plain lazy now.
    Needs a trigger.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSaturday, May 09, 2015


    Accidentally slept at 11plus and woke up at 4.30am.
    Sleepy but can't sleep yet.


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, May 08, 2015


    Super super SUPER proud moments :)

    Attended Isabel vinyasa class today.
    Also one of my fav teacher now. Hehe...

    Managed to try head stand with hands by the side rather than on the head.
    L shape elbow. Perfectly grisp the balance but not with straight legs. (Obviously)

    Today the class consist of 5people?
    So she kinda adjust and correct every small detail.

    My firefly is also very stable and strong now.

    Managed to do headstand with hands on head with NO support for about 6seconds.
    My longest thus far. YAY!
    (As in. Most perfect too. Legs and body in one straight line, pointed toes)
    But I did it with mirror behind me.
    Fear of flipping backwards. Bo bian. Hahaha..

    Managed to also did some posture and successfully lift off the ground.

    Learning learning learning..........
    And so the saying goes.
    Practice and all is coming!

    p.s. yoga is a unexpected surprise.

    In the past. Always thought I need a friend or companion.
    But now.... It's much easier to go during my own free time without trying to match timing of the others. Although I still like to go with friends. Cause we can Nua at the lounge or eat or head out or home together afterwards. Hahahaaaa...

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, May 07, 2015


    In the train otw back home.
    Just finished Hot Flow class. 8.45 to 9.45.
    Feeling damn tired as I slept late yesterday and had to be at work 8am today.
    Also went for Adeline Intro Hatha vinyasa class at noon.
    Really enjoy her class as she gives really clear instructions and adjust Ur posture until it's correct.

    Feeling fat from all the feasting recently. Birthday, parties, and what not.
    Not feeling just fat, but also vexed as well.

    I find myself weird sometimes.
    So weird.
    Weird in a way that no one realize that I'm weird.
    And that's just me. Being weird.

    Crap logic. Lol...


    What's the differences between loving someone and being in love.
    Is it the same thing? One leading to another? Or is it entirely different?

    I think I read too much random article online. HAHA
    Or maybe it's just me, again. Me me me me me.....

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, April 30, 2015

    Listening to music right now.. Heh...
    One of the happier Thursday as Tml truly is Tgif!

    Still feeling fuzzy from yesterday.
    Epic night out.
    With lost phones, wallets and earrings.
    Found back the phones and earrings.
    But no news on the wallet yet.

    Tried a new place at 38 liang seah street.
    Called Tess bar and kitchen.
    Awesome food and drinks.
    Had happy hour beer before we moved on to drinking gin with tonic water and cucumber.
    Pretty much an enjoyable night beside all the er... Haha. 

    Random... But..
    Are we more sober when drunk? Or not?

    And, i felt disturbed somehow. Slightly. Maybe.
    One does not simply exploit weakness.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, April 29, 2015

    I'm screaming from my heart now. Literally.

    Fuck man.
    I cannot really scream as I'm at work.
    OMG. I need to release my screams. LOL


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Feeling very breathless now.
    OMgWTF..... Hahahaaaaaaaaaa

    I need to clam down.
    Somebody pls.

    With this mood plus drinking later, I might just die. HAHA

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, April 28, 2015

    My monday was not exactly blue, more like rainbow :p

    Anyway, received a Magic jar filled with 50 magical spells. Haha..
    Fortunately, im entitled to 1 magic spell myself.
    Shall leave it empty first till one day I really need to use it.
    It has been a long time since I receive handmade gifts.
    Other than jasline's yearly birthday card or xmas card. Hehe..
    Can't really describe how I feel yesterday when I opened the envelope.
    Priceless moment. Hiak Hiak Hiak..
    Thank you and thank you and thank you. Again :)
    #很感动 #真的

    Did 3 classes ytd, to make up for gg overseas and birthday celebration.
    Didn't go for a week :(

    Ashtanga by Adeline
    Hot yoga by anant
    And the suppose to be gentle yoga but not gentle at all by anant.

    Had some shopping spree at laneige as well.
    Entitled to 20% off and double points, thus it was close to a $300 damage.
    Brought some new products to try, Pls make me 美美. Haha!

    So sad that April is coming to an end ;(
    Kinda my favourite month.


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, April 26, 2015

    Feeling damn awesome now. After glasses of fav choco baileys.
    Had a tiring Sunday and feels so Nua. Boooohooo. Back to work tml.

    Kinda.... Owell..... Nights world

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSaturday, April 25, 2015

    Happy birthday to myself :)
    Had a happy birthday indeed.
    Laughters and more laughters.


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, April 20, 2015

    Am thankful now.
    Back to normal.


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Of Cuz not that this whole trip is bad.
    Have to add on.

    All of them surprised me at star avenue and I'm extremely surprised and delighted :)
    Thank you. Love you all to the moon and back.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Suddenly, this trip makes me feel uncomfortable.
    For whatever reason.
    This should not be the case.
    It has been wonderful till this point.
    Now I just felt abit upset.
    Especially how situations are being handled.
    Which is not suppose to be the case.
    I'm not unreasonable or crazy.

    Hopefully this feeing will be gone in an hour.
    Feeling oh so breathless now.
    Pls be better, Pls pls pls pls pls......

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSaturday, April 18, 2015

    6:41pm (in hong kong disney land)

    Bad news :(
    Am currently running a fever.
    BUT.. As I look forward to disney so much.
    I didn't even rest. And most of my cross are excited Abt the activities.
    And......... We are Still gonna stay for fireworks at around 9pm.
    Pray I don't faint.

    Finally resting for a while to wait for the rest to buy their food.
    Dizzy headache body ache. This is killing me.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, April 16, 2015

    Had too much free time.
    It's like posting status update in my blog. Hahahaa...

    Train too crowded. Feeling sleepy after dinner with colleagues.
    Am looking forward to Hongkong.
    It will be good, must be good.
    For there's disney land.
    Where everything becomes magical :)

    Took 1min to type all these. LOL

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Half way digging into my shilin Mee sua and xxl fried chicken.
    Craving for it since yesterday, especially so after Hanwei posted so many Taiwan food.
    Every other scroll in insta is his pictures. LOL

    Wanted to eat after yoga yesterday. But apparently it's sold out *SOB*
    Went for plan B. Saveur. Which also kinda won't go wrong. Hahahaa...
    And so... yogi bear (jean gave this name anyway) Haven tried saveur before. Like what?! :x


    Likka shiok now.

    Did 30 classes in total as of yesterday.
    But yesterday's hatha class by Ramesh is definitely not my fav.

    Took nice firefly pose photos. Some half pass six head stands.
    Practice and all will come!!!!!!

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Life is short, keep it simple.
    Do things that makes u happy now. Now.
    The rest doesn't matter, at least for now.
    Live in the moment, not the past or future.
    For this moment, you are real (:

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Seems like all good things will come to an end.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, April 15, 2015


    I like.. The feeling of the wind hitting my face, my hair and my dress.
    Listening to music. Simple but awesome feeling. Just stoning.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, April 14, 2015


    Feeling insecure..
    Probably just me thinking too much :/

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, April 13, 2015


    My left calf muscle is hurting like a bitch.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Feeling damn shag damn tired on a Sunday night.
    Muay Thai new term has started again, finally.
    After 1.5months or so.
    The weather is so hot that the sun nearly cooked me. Lol

    Had awesome homecook Thai steamboat for dinner. My mum's new creation.
    Brought new stuff from BKK and all. All the cooking stuff.

    Oh Ya.. I juz went BKK with my parents and auntie. On good friday till Tuesday midnight.
    Fun and tiring trip as I'm like the nanny plus tour guide. Haha...
    Probably will upload those photos in FB soon. Feeling lazy now.

    And yup. Had a colourful Saturday yesterday.
    Or at least non-mainstream for someone else.

    Can't wait to fly again this Thursday/friday to Hongkong.
    Counting down to my birthday.
    I wonder who will wish me this year. And who will celebrate with or for me.

    Good night world.
    12:22am xoxo

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, March 30, 2015


    Being random.

    LOL... Not always. But random.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Here I am. Again.
    But this time round, feeling much better. really ;)

    Anyway, someone texted me drunk texts on Friday night.
    Bad day to text me. Wasn't exactly in my best of mood.

    And it spoilt my night. Nan de friday I can go party n relax.

    feels so good after resting at home today.
    Too much too much late night.
    It's killing me. lol...

    Anyway, can't wait to go Bkk with my parents.
    Counting down! XOXO

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, March 27, 2015

    I'm... Actually feeling lost, I think.
    For im not even sure. Or should I say, not even bothered.

    The only thing I ever wanted for the past 2.5years is to GRADUATE from my part time degree.
    It was so so so tough. Trust me. Juggling between work, personal life and all.
    But after graduating in August. All I ever wanted is to relax, party maybe?

    Doing yoga helps me. I suppose. As I'm only focusing on the class and nothing else.
    But beside yoga, I have been having lots of late nights.
    Am not even sure if I'm doing it right, but yet enjoying every moment.
    Am talking rubbish now.

    Am neglecting important things in my life right now.
    Being aware and not taking actions is a death sentence.
    Nothing seems to motivate me now. Since money is never a motivation to me.
    I seek emotional satisfaction from people around me.

    Perhaps my working environment is afterall not conducive nor encouraging.
    Definitely not pointing any fingers. But....... Yup.

    Dun even know what am I typin now.
    Perhaps I'm sleep blogging.

    2:21am being mad

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, March 26, 2015

    So tired until I feel so frustrated. Omg....
    I can't open my eyes! :(

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, March 23, 2015

    It's not called escaping, it's called accepting.

    Slept too much in the day, having difficulties to sleep now.
    Weekends well spent with great company.
    I can do this every damn day. Haha!!

    Having a tad too much of "me time" ...
    Work, yoga, party
    Time to rebalance it~

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, March 16, 2015

    Starting yoga doesn't mean I stopped my Muay classes.
    Still enjoying it as well.
    Life is a continuous learning process. Just can't stop trying and learning new things. Right?
    Haha... My sim lecturer said so, the only few module that grows on me somehow. (Leading for change module) Hiak hiak hiak~

    If only I got more time, would like to try out pole dancing as well.
    But nope, not for the time being :P

    Just so you know, I'm practising at @raysfightclub
    Located at yishun stadium.
    Attending their Sunday classes.
    Check out their facebook or Instagram, or google raysfightclub
    I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

    This is not any advert at all. Simply enjoy the classes thus doing a small update here.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Yoga progress

    Hello all~

    It has been a long time. Again :)

    Happy new year 2015~ MEH~~~~

    Anyway, just some small updates.

    I have tried hot yoga w jian ning on 6th feb.
    Impromptu kind, went to buy yoga clothes on the spot and went for trial class with her.
    Sweat it out yo~

    Subsequently signed up for true fitness black card vip member on 25th march after bikram hot yoga.
    My intention is probably to go and kill some time and acc ning.

    But eventually i kind of fall in love with yoga and look forward going for classes.
    It's a happy outcome, unexpected but happy :)

    And so yesterday, Im finally able to do a crow pose with assistance and guidance from Johan.
    Happy like a crow. Happy like a bird. For real. HAHA~

    Currently at my 15th class. Going for hot yoga tonight again. Can't wait :)

    With so much love,
    From a yogi baby,

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, December 25, 2014


    More than 3hours into Christmas and I felt so damn sucky.
    This is so fuck up.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Merry Christmas 2015!


    to whoever who still reads this boring space of mine.
    Merry Xmas and a happy new year!
    Wishing all good health and good wealth!


    With love,
    Grace :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, October 30, 2014

    The world is too small. Especially singapore. It's freaking me out.

    From crewroom

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, September 09, 2014

    Happy mid autumn festival! This is a random post~

    I feel like going BKK, decide today and fly tomorrow kind.
    Haha! I'm so random. LOL

    And yup.
    im Loving the lavender scent in the room *heh*

    Been reading a new series of manga for the past week.
    Holding on to my phone day and night till my eyes hurt.

    Indulging in lots of mooncake recently as well~

    Went to bugis plus to spend my money throwing coins again.
    Damn the 'prize stage'... Now they even gave me a card!
    It's gonna be a vicious cycle.
    Wonder why I like to play arcade.
    Speaking of which... I also randomly feels like playing arcade basket ball and bishibashi.
    (Bleah.. Apparently it seems like there is limited amt of ppl who can stomach that childish side of me) wuahahaha!!

    And oh yeah~ I was happily playing with FIRE yesterday! Erm.. Nope.. I meant candles... :P

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, September 01, 2014

    Bleahs.... #落荒而逃

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, August 11, 2014


    And yes, thank you ben :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, August 10, 2014



    Just came back from BBQ.
    I'm soooo full that I probably get sick of food at least till tml morn.

    Owells... Been feeling QUITE unwell recently.
    Feels giddy and fuzzy. It's like feeling alcohol intoxicated even when I'm not drinking.
    Having headaches more than ever. Sad... Wonder what's happening to my body.
    There goes my sparkling clean medical record. LOL

    Had family lunch at amk ichiban sushi~
    For the very first time, my younger brother actually sponsored $50 for the family outing.
    So freaking touched. He had grown up! *sob sob*
    (Fyi, My family usually lunch or dinner out but we will split the bill among the 3 working adults)
    And the 3 of us includes my elder bro n sis plus me.
    NOW that my younger brother gets a NS salary...
    He technically dont leech allowances from my parents.
    HAHA..... So I guess my mom is über happy today~

    As for Saturday.
    Celebrated alvin tan chin min's birthday.
    Awesome dinner at Concorde hotel (the BBQ Beef place)
    Can't rem the name. Yamazaki? I can't recall. Lol~

    After that chillax at CMPB at Dempsey. And moved on the crewroom at Liang court.
    It was a surprise planned by jojo Koh anyway.
    Seems like Alvin is really touched.
    N oh yah.. Happy birthday alvin! :)
    Thx for being an awesome friend even thou u also seems like u don't care.

    Good night.
    The whole of next week shall be more of a recuperating week.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, August 05, 2014



    Admitted to changi hospital A&E by the clinic via ambulance on Saturday.
    Pipo pipo... What an experience...... (So drama. Was put on the stretcher. Zzz)

    Anyway, I had high fever and a nasty drug allergy.
    Therefore causing my face/eyes to swell and having extremely low blood pressure.
    Apparently I need immediate medical attention and must b on drip.

    Zzzz.......  Anyway, I'm discharged and is recovering nw.
    So no worries ppl! And thx for all the concern n well wishes.

    Gd night! :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, August 01, 2014

    The Guy You Date VS The Guy You Marry

    Saw some Facebook shared article and found it quite true.
    As I have met both types of guys.

    Just so you know which kind is a keeper.
    Anyway they missed out a point.
    The guy you date probably have more pattern than the guy you marry that will maybe makes you think that the "dating" guy is probably better. 


    ESP point 4. Someone once told me the reason why he is interested in me is due to the fact that I'm one of a kind that can keep him interested for the long run. (So that he won't feel like what? Sian of me? Seriously?) That doesn't even sounds like a compliment FYI.


    The Guy You Date: Thinks about what you have to offer him. He loves you because you give him your undivided time and attention, you’re attractive, and you share common interests and hobbies like playing tennis or obsessing over Fall Out Boy. He is hoping you will be a good match for him.

    The Guy You Marry: Thinks about what he has to offer you. He loves you because of who you are- he appreciates your quirks, your flaws and strange sense of humor, the way you snort when you laugh and read Charles Dickens every winter, and everything he’s come to know about you. He is hoping he will be a good husband for you.


    The Guy You Date: Is quick to become jealous when you’re around other guys. He gets angry easily, which often ends up in long, petty arguments. He is possessive over your time, and although that can be cute at times, it can also become just downright annoying.

    The Guy You Marry: Places his trust in you, and gives you the benefit of the doubt. He tries to understand your point of view before asserting his own, and is willing to give you space when you need it. He is always open to talking things out, and continues to exercise patience that you may not always deserve.


    The Guy You Date: The guy you wear make-up for. You spend hours preparing for a date because you want to impress him. You want him to think you are pretty and you hope he will give you a kiss at the end of the night, reminding you that he’s yours.

    The Guy You Marry: The guy who you are no longer self-conscious around. He tells you that you are beautiful with or without makeup, because he loves you for your heart, mind, and soul. You don’t need his kiss to affirm his affection, but he gives you one anyways, which still sends butterflies fluttering around inside your stomach.


    The Guy You Date: He’s a mystery. You like that he is a puzzle for you to solve, and you try to be enigmatic around him as well to keep him interested. You’re afraid that eventually, you may grow bored of each other.

    The Guy You Marry: You know him like the back of your hand. You let down your guard around him because you feel comfortable with revealing all your secrets to him. Although there are times when you are bored out of your minds together, you are still happy just to be in each other’s company.


    The Guy You Date: The guy you have fun with; the guy you are with because you have feelings for him.

    The Guy You Marry: The guy you have fun with, but also cry with, laugh with, fight with, love with, and will be with for the rest of your life. You have feelings for him, but you are not with him solely because of your emotions. You are with him because you will love him apart from how tired, depressed, or angry you feel. He understands that loving you denotes sacrificing his time, energy, and other aspirations, and is still more than willing to make the commitment. He loves you not with a selfish or envious love, but with a patient, enduring, humble, faithful and selfless one.

    “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. It does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.” -1 Corinthians 13:4-7 

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, July 31, 2014


    I'm not stingy, but it's always very frustrating when you go back office and find your phone charging wires go missing. And due to all the plugging and unplugging, I think my wire have STDs and is now unable to function properly :(

    Oh yah... I'm not posting this in particular to the person who borrowed today. #truestory

    BUT so happen that I'm charging my rechargeable batteries, and it got plugged out.
    Nope, not angry. Just....... Feeling very... Erm... 无奈

    Wanted to very much put a note on my desk to NOT PLUG my wires.
    But find it very childish and stupid. Or even.. LAME
    Like some stingy meow meow cat.

    BUT the amount of wires I have changed is alarming.
    Due to wear and tear. AND to prevent this..... I have buy some wires for my colleagues to prevent them from plugging mine. THEN %#€£$@&...
    The new batches of colleagues keep borrowin WITHOUT permission. Which is actually fine. Since wire are cheap stuff.

    Oh f.... I just want to rant v badly.
    As I think I need to buy another wire to replace my NEW (3week old) wire AGAIN!

    Ok....... :(

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, July 22, 2014


    Insomnia .. Again :(

    Drank too much coffee today >.<~
    Since i cant Slp...

    Self declare Goody girl on Monday.
    Went home early to make my ultimate top shell.

    Totally spells awesome'ness

    Btw.. All you need for my top shell recipe:
    Slice the onions. Small ones. (2-3?)
    And the chilli padi. (2?)
    Plus squeeZe the lime. (5?)
    Rem to add some plum sauce! (1 tsp?)
    N abit of original sauce from the can. (1 tsp?)

    All base on agarations. Taste to fine tune.
    Btw I only use abt half a can. Hahaha..

    And tadang!!

    Oh yah.. I also tried adding some ready made Thai chilli sauce for a different taste.
    Add about 1-2 tsp. and it will become the sweeter version!


    Played arcade today like a baby~
    Wasting hard earned money happily~~
    The game is to throw some coin and make sure it lands on some mark to win a prize.
    So it's really literally throwing money away. HAHA
    Win some nonsense prize to add on to my garung Guni collection! Hahaha~~
    Played at bugis plus prize stage. (Like u guys will know)

    Lol... Random rants.
    Going back to stare blankly trying to yawn and slp.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, July 21, 2014



    Finished my  appointment at marina square.
    Sitting at the same spot eating LADYM confections cakes.
    Enjoying every single bit of the cake.
    Zero Monday blues :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    Quite like this song recently :)

    韩剧 秘密花园 中文版主题曲
  • 作词:杨宗纬
  • 作曲:全彗星

  • 有个男人爱着你
  • 用心爱着你
  • 那个男人爱着你
  • 彻底爱着你
  • 他情愿变成影子
  • 守护着你跟随着你
  • 那个男人爱着你
  • 心却在哭泣
  • 还需要多久 多长 多伤
  • 你才会听见他没说的话
  • 坚强像谎言一样
  • 不过是一种伪装
  • 他只希望有个机会能被你爱上
  • 还需要多久 多长 多渴望
  • 你才会走向他
  • 贴在他的身旁
  • 微笑像谎言一样
  • 是最起码的假装
  • 眼泪只能躲藏
  • 那个男人爱着你
  • 忘记了自己
  • 从此他小心翼翼
  • 静静等待爱情
  • 他情愿选择相信
  • 为了你不言不语
  • 那个男人爱着你
  • 伤埋在回忆
  • 无论要 多久 多长 多伤
  • 他还是爱着你 一如往常
  • 就好像一个傻瓜
  • 对着那空气说话
  • 他会不会有个机会能被你爱上
  • 还需要多久 多长 多渴望
  • 你再回头想他
  • 贴在他的身旁
  • 微笑像谎言一样
  • 是最起码的假装
  • 眼泪只能躲藏
  • 那个男人就是我
  • 你知道吗
  • 还是知道却假装不知道吗
  • 问到沙哑
  • 你也不会回答

  • { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, July 07, 2014

    Wonderful sundate :)


    Settled my craving for wagyu beef cubes from the costal settlement today!
    Lovely brunch treats *smiling from ear to ear*

    After that went to shop for some furniture in ikea~
    Brought a new cupboard with 3panels of mirror!!!

    Yay to more storage space for clothes!!!!

    Been a long time since I enjoy my Sunday..
    Feeling ohhhhh soooo gooood now! :P

    Anyway.. Still coughing badly and all :(
    Wish to recover asap so I can eat icecream or desserts again!
    Arghhhhhssssa... It's so difficult to abstain from cold drinks or food.
    And snacks and chocolates and everything fried and oily!!

    Monday is here again... :(
    Owells.. Might as well embrace it.
    July~ please be kind to me :))

    With love,
    Amazing Grace :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, June 18, 2014

    Some shared article from fb (dunno where's the link)

    Every relationship has a cycle… In the beginning; you fall in love with your partner. You anticipate their calls, want their touch, and like their idiosyncrasies. Falling in love wasn’t hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn’t have to DO anything. That’s why it’s called “falling” in love.
    People in love sometimes say, “I was swept of my feet.” Picture the expression. It implies that you were just standing there, doing nothing, and then something happened TO YOU.
    Falling in love is a passive and spontaneous experience. But after a few months or years of being together, the euphoria of love fades. It’s a natural cycle of EVERY relationship.
    Slowly but surely, phone calls become a bother (if they call at all), touch is not always welcome (when it happens) and your spouse’s idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute, drive you nuts. The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship, you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage.
    At this point, you and/or your partner might start asking, “Am I with the right person?” And as you reflect on the euphoria of the love you once had, you may begin to desire that experience with someone else. This is when relationships breakdown.
    The key to succeeding in a relationship is not finding the right person, it’s learning to love the person you found.
    People blame their partners for their unhappiness and look outside for fulfillment. Extramarital fulfillment comes in all shapes and sizes.
    Infidelity is the most common. But sometimes people turn to work, a hobby, friendship, excessive TV, or abusive substances. But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your relationship. It lies within it.
    I’m not saying that you couldn’t fall in love with someone else. You could. And TEMPORARILY you’d feel better. But you’d be in the same situation a few years later.
    Because (listen carefully to this):
    The key to succeeding in a relationship is not finding the right person, it’s learning to love the person you found.
    SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. You have to work on it day in and day out. It takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it demands WISDOM. You have to know WHAT TO DO to make it work. Make no mistake about it.
    Love is NOT a mystery. There are specific things you can do (with or without your partner). Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there are also laws for relationships. If you know how to apply these laws, the results are predictable.
    Love is therefore a decision. Not just a feeling.
    Remember this always: God determines who walks into your life. It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay and who you refuse to let go.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, June 17, 2014


    So today I learnt how to play dartslive from #CrewRoomSG @ Liang Court !
    Master jingwei insist I owe him a dollar and a dart. RAWR!!
    And HY didi bully me. Zzzzzzzzz

    Owells.. On the bright side!!!!!!! :D

    So glad so many of my friends came today :)
    It's not about spending money, but more of the thoughts that really counts.
    Can't tell you how glad I'm. Especially so when max and ningning is like dozing off.
    Despite being so tired but juz so to accompany me.

    Jospeh came too, unexpectedly. Even thou I'm like ranting to him NON-STOP.
    Of cuz my ah pong worldclass also came, no chance to HtHt.. But we WILL!!
    Surprise guest delvin too!! Hehe.. N jason!! Wahhhhh~~ plus Bernard!!!! N beekim baobei!!!

    Ok. Can't really describe how glad Im. Ivan actually wanted to come down, but I tot I will b leaving early... :((((
    In the end he needs to go for reservist.. (Didnt dare to ask him come down acc the noob fren me actually) so I rather he slowly make his way to reservist. >.<~~

    Thankew all~~!! It's has been an awesome awesome night!!!
    Left with only 3.5hrs to slp.

    Bless me :))

    At least...... My thoughts are at @crewroomsg now. Not anywhere else.
    I'm thankful :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, June 16, 2014

    What's happiness?

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, June 12, 2014

    One can't control dreams and thoughts, it reflects alot.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, May 20, 2014

    #Throwback weekend post (I don't care) :x

    12:55am (oh! It's Tuesday alr)

    Half of my Saturday is occupied by work.
    Not mentioning that customer last minute put areoplane.
    Quite pissed as it was an early appointment and i was already in office.
    only notified me like 7mins prior to our meet up.
    owells, apologised and all so.... #iforgiveulak
    My weekends are still considered #great ! So..... LOL

    After my appointment at Thomson plaza, walked to Thomson V2 to have brunch at some cafe called novemeber8. Honestly? The food is not horrible, but not fantastic as well.
    Too ordinary for me to return, but the waffles are quite decent I think.
    Other than that? Is probably the setting of the cafe, located just behind my house at the ulu Thomson V2. Erm... Is actually inbetween Thomson imperial court and the famous upper Thomson prata house. Opposite the steam boat place. Behind the Aston coffee shop. Lol~
    Confusing but yeah... Hahaa.. Located in the middle of Thomson V2 and its quite Har go navigate if you're not familair. :P

    After that all went to my house to slack while waiting to eat dinner again. Hahaha~~

    Mookata at UpperThomson huay Hwang . $28.90 nett buffet. Eat until........
    Cut long story short, after that went talk cock sing song for some booze before all proceed home.

    As I'm having serious food coma, didnt last thru the night. HAHAHA!!! :x
    Opps. Tired nw. BYE~

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, May 15, 2014


    Coffee addict by day
    Alcohol addict by night

    Adjusting body clock to working hours
    And craving for some drinks for better slp
    Having back and neck aches after exams :(

    Wants a getaway badly but also wants to work hard play hard

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, May 05, 2014

    Happy birthday my love :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, April 30, 2014


    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    My third night of insomnia :/
    Anyway, wasn't feeling very well today.
    Not the usual flu, owells...

    Went to see the doctor, and the doctor is so damn lousy as usual..
    Giving me strong pain killer with side effect?

    Tryin hard to mug, but it's difficult to stay focus. Help! :(

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, April 29, 2014


    Having my second night of insomnia.
    How rare is that.
    Grace Koh not being able to sleep?!

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YFriday, April 25, 2014


    How silly am I?
    I'm currently unwrapping my presents and feeling so damn good about it.
    Wuahahahaha hahahaa!!!!!!

    Received many Ang Bao too! Yay!!

    Customized snake Ang Bao design from my mummy! Wheeee!!

    Aside to that, my whole family went to sing huat live seafood restaurant to eat crab at geylang.
    Costs us $427.80 for 7 of us. OMG~~~
    Will blog about the eating experience here soon.

    Anyway the price has factored in the fact that we TRY not to order too much! Wth right? Lol!
    A dinner treat from my sis, my sis-in-law and my mum!

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Afterall, I didnt get any birthday message from someone.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YThursday, April 24, 2014

    Happy birthday to myself!!

    Thankewwww everyone for the well wishes!!
    With a lots of love,
    xoxo, grace :)

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YSunday, April 20, 2014


    Falling in n out of slp
    This is bad............

    Feeling crappy now :(

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Kinda just finish studying with jasline and jensen.
    camping at home ground. LOL

    Feeling extremely uncomfortable now :(
    Down with a nasty flu.

    Really hope I can get better or feel btr tml when I wake up.
    Got much more to mug :(

    Counting down to my graduation :)
    And my birthday of course (maybe not)
    Having birthday during examination period are the #WORSE

    What can I do on a wed/thurs night ;(
    Belated celebrations are really not my favourite
    *grumpy face*

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YWednesday, April 16, 2014


    Wheeee!! Finally my bedok bcm craving satisfied again!!
    #Friendship maximum!!
    Someone owe me bcm for dunno how many months alr~

    Although I waited for close to an hr?!!!
    But shall forgive... 看在十多年的交情上。

    At least it's better than having no dinner.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YTuesday, April 15, 2014

    Erm, ppl....
    It's just some random rants n quotes and all.
    Plus I'm being random :p

    Some quote from max, haha..

    And mine!!!
    The grass is always greener on the side that you water it!!
    All you need is some sunshine!! :)
    (Last sentence is actually inspired by jasline)

    Everything will be okay in the end.
    If its not okay, it's not the end :)

    Bleahs.. :p

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }


    Trying to study
    Drinking some random rose green tea and eating some choc strawberry cake
    Somehow hoping for some miracle

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

    YMonday, April 14, 2014

    Read abt some 10tips

    1.  Let go of old wounds through forgiveness.

    Every moment of your life you are either growing or dying – and when you are physically healthy, it’s a choice, not fate.  The art of maintaining happiness in your life and relationships relies on the fine balancing act of holding on and letting go.  Yes, sometimes people you trust (including yourself) will hurt you.  Being hurt is something you can’t avoid, but being continuously miserable is always a choice.  Forgiveness is the remedy.  You have to let go of what’s behind you before you can grasp the goodness in front of you.

    2.  Come clean when you make a mistake.

    An honest heart is the beginning of everything that is right with this world.  The most honorable people of all are not those who never make mistakes, but those who admit to them when they do, and then go on and do their best to right the wrongs they’ve made.  In the end, being honest might not always win you a lot of friends and lovers, but it will always keep the right ones in your life. .

    3.  Stop gossiping and start communicating.

    A good rule of thumb:  If you can’t say it to their face, you shouldn’t say it behind their back.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.”  Life is much too short to waste talking about people, gossiping, and stirring up trouble that has no substance.  If you don’t know, ask. If you don’t agree, say so.  If you don’t like it, speak up.  But never judge people behind their back.

    4.  Give others the space to make their own decisions.

    Stop judging others by your own past.  Never act, judge, or treat people like you know them better than they know themselves.  They are living a different life than you are.  What might be good for one person may not be good for another.  What might be bad for one person might change another person’s life for the better.  Allow the people in your life to make their own mistakes and their own decisions.

    5.  Do things that make YOU happy.

    If you want to awaken happiness in a relationship, start by living a life that makes you happy and then radiate your happiness into your relationship.  If you want to eliminate suffering in a relationship, start by eliminating the dark and negative parts of yourself, and then radiate your positivity into your relationship.  Truly, the greatest power you have in this world is the power of your own self-transformation.  All the positive change you seek in any relationship starts with the one in the mirror. 

    6.  Show your loved ones your kindness in small ways every day.

    Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”  Nothing could be closer to the truth.  Always be kinder than necessary.  You never know what someone is going through.  Sometimes you have to be kind to someone, not because they’re being nice, but because you are.  Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

    7.  Say less when less means more.

    It takes some courage to stand up and speak; it takes even more courage to open your mind and listen.  Pay attention and be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.  The people in your life often need a listening ear more than they need a rambling voice.  And don’t listen with the intent to reply; hear what is being said with the intent to understand.  You are as beautiful as the love you give, and you are as wise as the silence you leave behind.

    8.  Let your love and trust overpower your fear.

    You never lose by loving; you lose by holding back.  No relationship is impossible until you refuse to give it a chance.  Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to.  Without this trust, a relationship cannot survive.  You cannot just believe what you fear from others; you have to believe in the good faith of others.  If you are ever going to have someone trust you, you must feel that you can trust them too.

    9.  Accept, don’t expect.

    Unconditional acceptance is something we want, but rarely ever give out.  Remember, people never do anything that is out of character.  They may do things that go against your expectations, but what people do reveals exactly who they are.  Never force your expectations on people, other than the expectation that they will be exactly who they are.  Who they are is not what they say or what you have come to expect, it is who they reveal themselves to be.  Either you accept them as they are, or you move on without them.

    10.  Let the wrong ones go.

    Know your worth!  When you give your time to someone who doesn’t respect you, you surrender pieces of your heart you will never get back.  All failed relationships hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t appreciate and respect you is actually a gain, not a loss.  Some people come into your life temporarily simply to teach you something.  They come and they go and they make a difference.  It’s perfectly okay that they’re not in your life anymore.  You now have more time to focus on the relationships that truly matter.

    { *we are talking about absolute GRACE* }

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